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Are you looking to buy a house? Before signing the papers, make sure you have a professional home inspector examine the property. Jason makes sure the home's plumbing, electrical work, and structure are in good condition. The failure to thoroughly examining a home before purchasing it may cost you thousands of dollars in the future. Take that extra step, and have Jason do it for you! With the sufficient training and years of experience, he is able to detect even the smallest of issues. Cornerstone Home Inspection is here to help you make the right choice.

Experience, Efficiency & Peace of Mind. That's What Cornerstone Is All About.

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"Jason is very thorough, well informed and gets it done without crushing a deal. He covers all the majors in the home inspection. He explains to the client in details what is an inspection. He sets expectations right of the bat. Realtor friends, if you're looking for that inspector who is honest, thorough, and will not nix a deal, then he's your man. Thanks for all your knowledge and for being trustworthy. I recommend you as a home inspector to everyone I come in contact." - Bill Wilson

"Jason is fabulous! He is very knowledgeable and my clients have never been disappointed. I would recommend him to any realtor or home buyer/seller as he is professional, courteous, and goes above and beyond making sure nothing goes without being checked." - Jessica White

"Jason is a hard worker and has always gone the extra mile to satisfy his clients. He has a great personality and listens carefully to what his clients want." - Brent Tipton

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