Cornerstone Home Inspection
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Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you'll ever have to make. Having the right people around you to ease the decision-making process is vital! Jason closely examines the home you are looking to buy to ensure that everything is in shape and that no damage that could turn expensive is found.

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structural home inspection

Jason carefully inspects the framing, foundation and flooring of the property, making sure no irreversible damage is found by evaluating potential hazards.

electrical home inspection

Good electrical wiring is vital! Jason checks every electrical panel and tests all outlets to make sure they are functional and posses no safety hazards.

plumbing home inspection

Fixing plumbing in a home can be expensive. Don't take chances! Jason is able to detect leaks and other damage only people with his training can see.


Jason makes sure every detail is fully evaluated to prevent any issues in the future. Paint work, trimming, cabinetry, and much more are deeply examined.

appliance inspection

You've got to be sure the appliances that come with the home are working properly. Jason takes care of that for you! He carefully examines everything.

heating and cooling inspection

Before you decide which home to purchase, make sure all units are in good condition. Jason inspects filters and other things to ensure their functionality.

infrared imaging

Infrared imaging allows the inspector to see what the naked eye cannot. Jason is able to detect insulation gaps, termite damage, air leaks, and much more!

wooden decks

When you purchase a house, you evaluate everything that comes with it. Jason inspects the outside, making sure decks and patios are in good shape.

roofing inspection

Jason examines the roof of the house closely to make sure there's no existing damage. He checks for leaks, poor installation, and more.

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